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A Prayer to Live and Let Live

Dear Lord,

Help me behold the beautiful sun

smell the wonderful smells

hail the courage to find my truth

and tell my insecurities Goodbye

for the good of my own soaring heart

for its natural course is a free fall of faith and compassion

for the acts and dreams of all including

my daughters sisters and fathers

Let my fears be the compass for my path ahead

than letting them turn into arrogance

of a self-proclaimed power on the souls of else.

Guide me away from wasting my precious time

in controlling another’s reign

and to see humor in life

For this beautiful day won’t return

and this strength would burn

So inspire me to run while I’ve got my breath

and run far and free

for the mysterious horizons I secretly long for.

Yours Sincerely


P.S.:- Here’s to the hope of us realizing the importance of allowing ourselves and others, the courage and humor to follow one’s bliss and instincts so that we have more free-thinkers and creatives and less mediocre slaves of the society.

I am doing a 30 Days series of Poems on ‘Humanity’… This is my poem for Day 14 (Will soon edit and post the poems for rest of the days.) (Poem for Day 13 is here.)


Faith – the only hope of survival!

One thing that we can do for us and others is to have faith
A thing that sails us through the most difficult situations of our life,
Something that solely can lead to victory of all and would suffice
One thing that creates positives
and the only thing that can eliminate negatives

Faith is what keeps us on the surface,
And can save us from getting lost in the haze.
It is that essence that keeps us nourished
And it is something that held us when we flourished.

There is one flow of energy running through us all
and we have to be in unison or else it’ll fall.
Our shrewdness might rob us off the humanity left inside
So we have to have faith in others and be open to take an even stride.

Faith might not get you the world
In fact, it might even be put you out into the cold
But it is the only thing that helps you get the share you deserve in your existence.
In fact it is the only thing that will get you anything at all if it is persistent.

With Love!

Life’s calling

When you hear you life’s calling,
that’s when your luck starts rolling.

When you do something, you do the best,
you just give your 100%, and forget the rest.

So take up something that your heart allows you to do,
because that’s when you don’t care what others say, and which and whom and who.

Don’t hesitate and turn your life’s cards without fear,
and put your life on top gear.

So be your life’s D.J. and play your favourite music,
just believe in yourself and go by your hunch, yes, that’s the trick.

With Love!