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Earnest Faith

White as a snow peak,
My earnest faith turns to you
Knowing your answer.



A Friendship

A friendship is real as what you hire,
and it becomes contrived for what you desire.With all your might, it is something that you guard,
but you see it through when you stop trying too hard.

Sometimes in your blind mending efforts, you think it is not worth it,
but when you let it be, you realize it was always a perfect fit.

You have to trust your friend like you trust your heart,
that it will keep you running till the end from the start.

You ought not be misled by half words or uncontrollable circumstances
coz they are the imposters in a day light and wolves that go for a kill if given chances.

Even after you have poured your whole heart in your relation,
do not expect a morsel from it or it will rob you of all the patience.

Once you have done your part just step aside and behold the sight,
but do not forget, that the scene might be pleasant or grotesque, you ought not wish another plight.

A friendship is only in the fairy tales that sublime,
for what you have could not be more divine.

With Love
Shivani Ahuja