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We’ve been apart for too long, my dear.

And lately, amidst these weird conversations

Between my heart and the horizon

on your side of the world, I wonder—

Why my thoughts

Are so drawn to you,

Even though I have felt sheer pain

From us being so far

From each other,

For which partly I and partly you

Are responsible.

I feel guilty

to be thinking about my petty misery

Amidst your never ending storms,

But Still my pain persists,

And I wonder

If it’s your heart reflecting in mine,

Telling me to reach out to you,

Or it’s just how broken dreams feel.

Either way,

You’ve shut yourself from me

To save yourself or me

from a certain misery,

And here we are


Me in the misery of longing,

And you…I can only wonder.




Chicken Soup

A hug, a smile, a wink would do,
For I’ll know that you know it too.
When I sing a song just sing along,
For I’ll know when I go wrong.When I am awkward or stuck in denial,
Laugh at me, don’t put me through trial.
When my soul sulks and my heart weeps
Save me a river and sing me to sleep.

A kiss goodbye, a hug is nice,
Even a miss you call would suffice.
For if you go away, and I can’t Let go,
Just say you’ll be back and I will know.

Sometimes all we need is a little assurance and compassion from the people in our life, and that becomes the Chicken Soup for our soul.

With Love..