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Chicken Soup

A hug, a smile, a wink would do,
For I’ll know that you know it too.
When I sing a song just sing along,
For I’ll know when I go wrong.When I am awkward or stuck in denial,
Laugh at me, don’t put me through trial.
When my soul sulks and my heart weeps
Save me a river and sing me to sleep.

A kiss goodbye, a hug is nice,
Even a miss you call would suffice.
For if you go away, and I can’t Let go,
Just say you’ll be back and I will know.

Sometimes all we need is a little assurance and compassion from the people in our life, and that becomes the Chicken Soup for our soul.

With Love..


The Bridge

I extent my hand to turn on the ignition,
and wonder what lies ahead.
My heart races like an engine on nitrogen,
and my mind accelerates on adrenaline.
Crossing every bridge of virtue,
I wonder if I will achieve happiness.The view at the end isn’t clear.
The fog hazes the path too.
Putting my faith on those giant suspensions,
I keep driving down the road.
The end presents itself to the clarity of my mind.
It just feels right, Right where I ought to reach.

This poem represents my faith on every virtue that I take up with a belief that it is that bridge that will lead to my ultimate goal.. Happiness.. and SO it becomes.. 🙂

Promted by Ella: Poets United

With Love Shivani Ahuja