So, we meet again- Shivani Ahuja


21 thoughts on “So, We Meet Again

  1. Aniket Thakkar

    When you can see a ship sailing away, about to disappear in the horizon – You could shrug your shoulders and say – ‘That ship has sailed’. Or you could rush and get your boat next to theirs, and say – “Hi”, for the waters out there are never the same, nor are the people.

    1. Shivani Ahuja Post author


      Well, I often get distressed with such thoughts, but then I remember that for those you connect with, spiritually, you always find a string of connection, no matter how far or apart you get. It’s not about the changing waters or our hearts, it’s about the spirit, unless that changes, nothing does, and it’s a difficult thing to bend, I guess.


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