A Portrait of Thoughts

I sit with a pen in my hand,

my mind spaced out,

eyes dreamily gazing at nothing


but the waves in the depths of my thoughts,

that arise, climax and then

fade away at the shore of my imagination


soaking in every single treasure

of truth and wonderment

like a paintbrush. I heed to my being


and bow to my imagination

to paint all their vividness

in a story to be told.



Shivani Ahuja

P.S. – I am on twitter: @AhujaShivani


3 thoughts on “A Portrait of Thoughts

  1. Aniket Thakkar

    Sitting with a pen, with stories to be told – There are fewer places I’d rather be. 🙂

    Loved this through and through. Not just saying for the heck of it. With a few minor tweaks in the position of para breaks, I think this is quite ready for publishing.

    P.S. It definitely deserves a sequel too.


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