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It’s You for Me

Hey, I think

I may want to spend

the rest of my life with you.


For the way you flirt,

it works with me,

Wherever with you,

I feel I belong.


I don’t have to rattle

my mind for wittier diction,

for your contended smile

seems inspired enough by my daily wit.


Your need for space and intimacy

seems workable.


Your sporadic

public displays of affection

catch me off guard,

in a very flattering way,

for sometimes even I can’t get enough of you.


Your behavior is now

somewhat predictable,

and that’s a good thing because

it saves me a lot of anxiety.


I know that we are somehow intimidated

by so much that we know

of each other’s scars and mothers,

but I am ready to live with the risk

of you holding that knowledge

against me at times

than to live without knowing the rest of you.


With Love

Shivani Ahuja


P.S. – A shout out to Poets United for the platform they provide for so many poets and readers to get together and celebrate their love for poetry.

and also, this is my 50th Post (yeyee..!!) , so thank you all for being part of this journey of our common love for written words..


A Portrait of Thoughts

I sit with a pen in my hand,

my mind spaced out,

eyes dreamily gazing at nothing


but the waves in the depths of my thoughts,

that arise, climax and then

fade away at the shore of my imagination


soaking in every single treasure

of truth and wonderment

like a paintbrush. I heed to my being


and bow to my imagination

to paint all their vividness

in a story to be told.



Shivani Ahuja

P.S. – I am on twitter: @AhujaShivani

A Prayer to Live and Let Live

Dear Lord,

Help me behold the beautiful sun

smell the wonderful smells

hail the courage to find my truth

and tell my insecurities Goodbye

for the good of my own soaring heart

for its natural course is a free fall of faith and compassion

for the acts and dreams of all including

my daughters sisters and fathers

Let my fears be the compass for my path ahead

than letting them turn into arrogance

of a self-proclaimed power on the souls of else.

Guide me away from wasting my precious time

in controlling another’s reign

and to see humor in life

For this beautiful day won’t return

and this strength would burn

So inspire me to run while I’ve got my breath

and run far and free

for the mysterious horizons I secretly long for.

Yours Sincerely


P.S.:- Here’s to the hope of us realizing the importance of allowing ourselves and others, the courage and humor to follow one’s bliss and instincts so that we have more free-thinkers and creatives and less mediocre slaves of the society.

I am doing a 30 Days series of Poems on ‘Humanity’… This is my poem for Day 14 (Will soon edit and post the poems for rest of the days.) (Poem for Day 13 is here.)