Towards Clarity of Light – Hindustan Times

Author: Shivani Ahuja

Author: Shivani Ahuja

Source: Towards Clarity of Light, Hindustan Times


One thought on “Towards Clarity of Light – Hindustan Times

  1. Aniket Thakkar

    That’s a 7 course meal for thoughts. 🙂

    I resort to my pocket full of memories to find the light on my gloomy days. I keep a reminder of my happiest days in my wallet, often in the form of a movie ticket, a restaurant bill, or any thing that just makes me remember some good ol’ stories, that put sense and meaning back to life.

    On other times, I try to keep my tussle with inner voice simple by just asking this –
    If I don’t go for it, will I wonder a month down the line – what if?


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