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A Faceless Girl


when I see her lying partially naked,

half asleep or unconscious,

on a busy street of Block A’s market.

I die a little inside.


I halt,

give a closer look,

and my heart cringes

at the sight of her seemingly burnt stomach,

the permanently etched pain on her face.


I linger,

and scan myself for courage

to offer her aid.

But then I cower, walk past and pretend

that the last 30 seconds never occurred.


A whirlwind

takes over my mind,

and all I can notice is

naive kids picking rags,

not knowing what would become of them.


No reprieve

seems to meet

the wailing mother,

hiding her tears and

feeding her hungry child.



seems to allude

the vulnerable little ones

running in half pants,

and may be enduring what they ought not.


No more

I can bear

the rhetoric of my mind,

and rush back to find

the faceless girl in Block A.



No trace no sign.

Just the empty space

with her ghost in my mind

sitting in the very same corner.


I wonder

how she went,

where she had gone.

Thought of what might befall her,

pierces my heart through and through.



For I just witnessed

my substandard reflexes bringing no aid,

and me wading each and every day, deluded,

through the mess of my own neglect.



I prod myself.

Find my pretty logics cloaking conveniences,

too afraid to stand alone and up straight,

carrying the backbone of a coward.



to act upon it

one step at a time,

not frightening my fragile courage,

remembering that faceless face every time.



that god forbid I come across

the same ghost in my life again,

I will have the courage to stop

and bring her back to life.


This poem is about how we come across so many homeless people on the streets but just cant find the courage to lend a helping hand. I am doing a 30 Days series of Poems on ‘Humanity’… This is my poem for Day 10 (Will soon edit and post the poems for rest of the days.)

Also, in Response to Kim’s (Poets United) prompt of writing succinctly and boldly about a personal experience . Sorry for not keeping it under 100 words, but just had to write it all down to get it on the common grounds for all the readers.. I hope it makes us all find our courage for those in need.

With Love

Shivani Ahuja


Closer to Reality

As I turn the leaves of life,

I absorb the elements around,

I shed some that were part of me before

,and I come closer to the reality of life.


As I walk on the path of education,

and as I meet those with wiser thoughts,

I find the horizon more defined,

and I come closer to the reality of life.


As I explore the spaces unexplored,

as I tread the abandoned paths,

I drop the inhibitions blurring my faith,

and I come closer to the reality of life.


As everyday’s trials polish my actions,

and constant learning molds my thoughts,

As I begin to embrace the winds around,

I come closer to the reality of life.


With Love

Shivani Ahuja

I found this poem tucked randomly in my college notebook. I must have written it during some class. I hope you all enjoyed it.

I am doing a 30 Days series of Poems on ‘Humanity’  This is my poem for Day 9 (Will soon edit and post the poems for rest of the days).