Not a Goodbye

I am writing a farewell that I wish not to write,

for what good I think a separation could be.

I know that tomorrow I’ll have to say a good bye.

Till then, why shouldn’t I live in denial and a little stress free?


I might also pretend that I don’t care for your existence,

for I’m just a petty man protecting my fragile future heart.

And I often do not give you your due share of credit

with a subconscious hope of you staying around to collect your part.


But obviously you surpassed my petty considerations of your generosity,

and instead, gave me much more than I could ever pay you back,

and you dint care for my callous pretensions,

and loved me to pieces for you knew that somehow I loved you back.


Why dint you uncover my denial and asked me to face what was going to be.

But again, so is your heart that you protected my false reality for all you could.

And now, I know I have to write a farewell that I wish not to write,

But what I also know is that our love and your reasons will stay with me for good.


With Love

Shivani Ahuja


I am doing a 30 Days series of Poems on ‘Humanity’.. This is my poem for Day 6

It is inspired by NaPoWriMo‘s prompt of writing a ‘Valediction’.  I wrote more that five poems, but still couldn’t write one that would justify the heartbreaking and  life transforming experience of saying a farewell. Here is one of those attempts, and I hope you all find it acceptable.

I’ll edit the other versions and post them later. Till then, Happy Reading!!


2 thoughts on “Not a Goodbye

  1. Mary

    It is hard when one realizes something is over that one wishes were not over. It is very difficult to pen those farewell lines, and especially hard to be vulnerable.

  2. brian miller

    saying goodbye is never easy and we def try to protect ourselves conjuring emotions that hurt others or make them feel as bad as we…we have to mourn…we have to know that it will stick with us…and accept that…


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