Runaway Pride

I know

I must have been

wrong to have taken birth

and then wrong to have lived it through

I know.


I know

I caused them pain,

caused them misery too,

became the reason for discord

I know.


I ran

to hide from me,

escape another fight,

to lift my  abhorring shadow

I ran.


I cried

cold and lonely

hungry and terrified

no clue, no sight of morrow

I cried.


It rained

sorrows, assaults,

unnerving fearful thoughts,

easy hunger, sinister paths,

It rained.


Sought home,

for I was lost,

in pain and so afraid,

still couldn’t find my way back. I,

sought home.


I stood

facing the dark

swearing a morbid path

making callousness my very being

I stood.


I slept

a hundred dreams

and every hopeful thought.

I traded my soul and flesh while

I slept.


I saw

my mind losing

my body corrupting

watched my soul turn into a ghost.

I saw.


Gave up

every little hope,

faith in a smile and touch.

Grew colder by each summer, I

Gave up.


I die

every second,

with every breath I take,

knowing my existence is wrong

I die


Save me

If I survive

If you can show a light,

can bear my numbness enough, then

Save me.


Hold me

for I will cry

might try to run and hide,

won’t know how to come around, so

Hold me


Tell me

I was right to

have lived and to have fought,

no matter how grim it had been.

Tell me


Show me

how to love me

and how to live again.

If I haven’t slipped too far then

Show me.


This poem is dedicated to the street children of India, who strive to live everyday with their lost pride and identity. They are scarred due to incessant emotional and physical assaults and deprivations. They are often caught in a vicious circle of financial and emotional hardships and insecurities, and they lead their lives in a morbid state with hardly any or no assistance, supervision and guidance. I would also like to appreciate the efforts of young organisations like ‘Manavdhara – A Youth Social Organisation for Humanity‘ that take up the task of spreading awareness of and working towards such important issues.


With Love

Shivani Ahuja


Also, I urge you all fellow bloggers and readers to sign a simple petition (Just your name and Country) to Demand an International Street Children Day from the UN.

Let’s add a little to the cause! Sign at:

Demand A Day!

Click the Image to Demand a Day!

I am doing a 30 Days series of Poems on ‘Humanity’.. This is my poem for Day 5

It is inspired by NaPoWriMo‘s prompt of writing a Cinquain. I hope you all like it.


11 thoughts on “Runaway Pride

  1. Lisa A.Williams poetry

    this is so heartbreaking to think of children being cast aside and treated so cruelly. You did a marvelous job on this poem, bringing tragedy to the attention of the reader, inciting change in the public. Superb write.

  2. Stormcat

    Thank you for sharing this. It is really so sad that not only are these children have to suffer the hardships of economy and abandonment but that they are taught that they are to blame. Thanks for you efforts at bringing their plight to the forefront.

  3. brian miller

    hey i will sign that…
    that last stanza…the plea ( to me) is so effective after the cascade of the verse….
    thank you for doing your part in honor of them…bringing awareness…

  4. Mary

    This is a strong and powerful write. A plea for the children who have no voice, for those who have not known love, for those who NEED to know their life is important to someone and can/will make a difference!


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