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A Smile For No Reason

I wake up,

stretch like a lazy cat in my bed,

and welcome my day with a smile for no reason.


I brush my teeth,

checkout myself in the mirror,

and flatter myself with a smile for no reason.


I read the newspaper,

say thanks to mom for the bowl of cereal.

She ruffles my hair with a smile for no reason.


I reach my office,

open the door to Mrs. frosty.

Though she looks obliged but she smiles for no reason.


He croons hello,

Mr Hotiie, the Analyst.

I laugh out loud and keep a daylong smile for no reason.


I pitch my work

to my boss in an hour.

He trashes it all with an empathetic smile and a reason.


I leave from work.

The kid in the next car

makes my day with an innocent smile for no reason.


I meet my friends

at a place not far.

We share a drink and reasons to smile for no reason.


I head home tired,

have food with my family.

My brother winks and gives his knowing smile for no reason.


Then I crawl to my bed,

crash and drift to sleep,

And what remains in my dreams is a smile for no reason.


With Love

Shivani Ahuja

I am doing a 30 Days series of Poems on ‘Humanity’.. This is my poem for Day 8 (Will soon post the poems for the days missed)

I am trying to be part of NaPoWriMo. This poem skips the day’s prompt, but I hope you all enjoy it.


‘a CASUAL sunday walk’

On just a casual Sunday morning

I casually decide to take a walk down the street.


Casually I walk out of my house,

walk into a pile of trash

Oh, must have been my fault!

Right outside my door is obviously where

it could have been dumped

coz the dustbin across the street is clearly overflowing!


Then casually I saunter down the sidewalk

Almost trip over a boulder.

How silly of me!

I should have remembered or noticed

the last month’s ‘Under Repair’ sign still standing intact.

After all, a ‘little’ delay isn’t a crime.


I gain my balance

and casually head to the other side of the road,

fall flat on my Face!

Alas! where was my attention?

I TOTALLY forgot about the ever dug pot holes.

Who doesn’t walk carefully after it has rained?


I stand up, brush my clothes, sulk a little

then try to casually concentrate on the pleasant sunny day.

Kids playing happily and animatedly beside that open sewer,

Birds chirping away to glory on the clutter of loosely hanging wires,

Cars skillfully parked amidst the fallen trees.

The world certainly seems wonderful!


I walk back home

Remembering to jump and hop my way back

Not so condescending!

RESPECTING the nature and state of things,

Make home in a single piece!

After all, isn’t All well that ends well’?


And again, on the next casual Sunday morning

I very casually decide to walk down the SAME STREET!


With Love

Shivani Ahuja


I am doing a 30 Days series of Poems on ‘Humanity’.. This is my poem for Day 13 (Will soon post the poems for the days missed)

This poem is inspired by NaPoWriMo‘s prompt of writing a poem about any kind of observations made. Here, I speak about poor state of civic amenities even in the urban cities of India. In future, I will try to write about the non-existence of even the basic amenities in certain parts of the country.

An Illiterate’s Rhetoric

I am Hungry and Tired!

For I seldom get two square meals a day,

and I know not the feeling of a warm bed.


I am Weak and in Pain!

I am aware of the open wound on my left foot,

and I know not the difference between cold and wet!


I will outlet my anger as I deem fit!

For I can see the bones jutting out of my New Born,

and I don’t have the liberty to mourn or regret.


My pockets are empty!

For I am certain to have a waste of most of my days,

and I seldom get a handful of grain for a whole day’s sweat!


Do not run over me!

For I often have sky for a ceiling.

and I pray not falling of my seldom sheds.


I wish I wasn’t guilty!

But I steal and kill if I have no choice,

,and I beg and borrow if I select.


I will stand in the rain!

for I do not try to fit in as I know I’ll be banished!

and I can’t afford to stand up to the rules they set!


I must be Illiterate!

for it doesn’t read right what they ask to read between the lines

,but I believe what they say for they know best.


But Sometimes I wonder

Is it my hunger that makes me weak or do my weaknesses keep me hungry?

Am I weak coz I know not how to demand what I deserve?

Does my ignorance provoke me to the rage I resort to?

Does my lack of a pen make a perpetual hole in my pockets?

Don’t I deserve to make a shed that won’t fall?

Am I guilty for I am easy to be played to be so?

Do I stand in the rain just for the lack of my knowledge of the right paths?



Well, then I really must be Illiterate

For even when I wonder,

I can only see my mind make an Illiterate rhetoric

,and know not how to answer the life’s test.


This poem is to spread awareness about the hardships that millions of people around the world have to face due to their inability to read and write. They have to bear Poverty, Long Term Illnesses, Social Exclusion, and Crime just because of their lack of awareness and and inability to protect themselves and demand their own basic rights.

With Love

Shivani Ahuja

I am doing a 30 Days series of Poems on ‘Humanity’.. This is my poem for Day 7

It is inspired by NaPoWriMo‘s prompt of writing a rhetorical poem.

Not a Goodbye

I am writing a farewell that I wish not to write,

for what good I think a separation could be.

I know that tomorrow I’ll have to say a good bye.

Till then, why shouldn’t I live in denial and a little stress free?


I might also pretend that I don’t care for your existence,

for I’m just a petty man protecting my fragile future heart.

And I often do not give you your due share of credit

with a subconscious hope of you staying around to collect your part.


But obviously you surpassed my petty considerations of your generosity,

and instead, gave me much more than I could ever pay you back,

and you dint care for my callous pretensions,

and loved me to pieces for you knew that somehow I loved you back.


Why dint you uncover my denial and asked me to face what was going to be.

But again, so is your heart that you protected my false reality for all you could.

And now, I know I have to write a farewell that I wish not to write,

But what I also know is that our love and your reasons will stay with me for good.


With Love

Shivani Ahuja


I am doing a 30 Days series of Poems on ‘Humanity’.. This is my poem for Day 6

It is inspired by NaPoWriMo‘s prompt of writing a ‘Valediction’.  I wrote more that five poems, but still couldn’t write one that would justify the heartbreaking and  life transforming experience of saying a farewell. Here is one of those attempts, and I hope you all find it acceptable.

I’ll edit the other versions and post them later. Till then, Happy Reading!!

Runaway Pride

I know

I must have been

wrong to have taken birth

and then wrong to have lived it through

I know.


I know

I caused them pain,

caused them misery too,

became the reason for discord

I know.


I ran

to hide from me,

escape another fight,

to lift my  abhorring shadow

I ran.


I cried

cold and lonely

hungry and terrified

no clue, no sight of morrow

I cried.


It rained

sorrows, assaults,

unnerving fearful thoughts,

easy hunger, sinister paths,

It rained.


Sought home,

for I was lost,

in pain and so afraid,

still couldn’t find my way back. I,

sought home.


I stood

facing the dark

swearing a morbid path

making callousness my very being

I stood.


I slept

a hundred dreams

and every hopeful thought.

I traded my soul and flesh while

I slept.


I saw

my mind losing

my body corrupting

watched my soul turn into a ghost.

I saw.


Gave up

every little hope,

faith in a smile and touch.

Grew colder by each summer, I

Gave up.


I die

every second,

with every breath I take,

knowing my existence is wrong

I die


Save me

If I survive

If you can show a light,

can bear my numbness enough, then

Save me.


Hold me

for I will cry

might try to run and hide,

won’t know how to come around, so

Hold me


Tell me

I was right to

have lived and to have fought,

no matter how grim it had been.

Tell me


Show me

how to love me

and how to live again.

If I haven’t slipped too far then

Show me.


This poem is dedicated to the street children of India, who strive to live everyday with their lost pride and identity. They are scarred due to incessant emotional and physical assaults and deprivations. They are often caught in a vicious circle of financial and emotional hardships and insecurities, and they lead their lives in a morbid state with hardly any or no assistance, supervision and guidance. I would also like to appreciate the efforts of young organisations like ‘Manavdhara – A Youth Social Organisation for Humanity‘ that take up the task of spreading awareness of and working towards such important issues.


With Love

Shivani Ahuja


Also, I urge you all fellow bloggers and readers to sign a simple petition (Just your name and Country) to Demand an International Street Children Day from the UN.

Let’s add a little to the cause! Sign at:

Demand A Day!

Click the Image to Demand a Day!

I am doing a 30 Days series of Poems on ‘Humanity’.. This is my poem for Day 5

It is inspired by NaPoWriMo‘s prompt of writing a Cinquain. I hope you all like it.

Happy Idiot Talk

Happy Idiot Talk can be a savior for humanity

as everything everyone will ever be is happy,

for all we’ll ever do is talk.


Happy Idiot Talk can lead to blissful friendships

for everyone can be the idiot talking,

no one has to worry about being caught.


Happy Idiot Talk can be refreshing

for the only pollution threat will be posed  by our vocal cords,

but even screaming doesn’t happen in a happy talk.


Happy Idiot Talk can eliminate anxiety

for no pessimistic genius will be acknowledged,

and the only ticking will be by our utopian clocks.


Happy Idiot talk could easily be the way of the world

for everyone has that hidden idiot,

and everyone could use a little happy talk.


With Love

Shivani Ahuja

I am doing a 30 Days series of Poems on ‘Humanity’.. This is my poem for Day 4

It is inspired by NaPoWriMo‘s prompt of writing a poem inspired by one of Iain. M. Banks’ spaceships’ names.. I picked ‘Happy Idiot Talk’. I hope you all like it.


If the world was a ship,

and human race, the crew.

wont we sail United to reach the shores,

however difficult the winds may be?


If love was our captain,

and compassion, the guiding spirit.

wont we Easily navigate our inner oceans

while we pass through the wild seas?


If just needs listed our supplies,

and sharing was our golden rule,

wont we all be Satiated without the plunder

even if our desires went unbound and lose?


If the present defined our course,

and horizon in sight was our terminus,

wont we Happily achieve what we set out to?

For each passing wave will be a challenge anew!


And If the world was really a ship,

and our reasons were our truth,

wont we all yearn Together for a common shore?

For Parity defines true virtues!


With Love

Shivani Ahuja

I am doing a 30 Days series of Poems on ‘Humanity’.. This is my poem for Day 3

It is inspired by NaPoWriMo‘s prompt of writing ‘a Sea Shanty’. I hope you all like it.