The Tree of Hope

The light of a love
Nourishes the tree of hope,
With winds which withered.

This Haiku on a tree represents my hope that is nourished everytime I see a light of love in this windy world.


15 thoughts on “The Tree of Hope

  1. Judith Westerfield

    With winds that withered – What an incredible line. My first impression was that the hope is stripped when we are subjected to the forces of time and nature. my second was that the tree of hope was stronger than any outside forces.It could be read either way. Just interested in how you experienced it?

  2. Shivani Ahuja

    Hi JudithBoth your impressions are correct. Everytime my hope becomes vulnerable to the forces of time and nature, a ray of love stregnthens it. Love has the power to restore faith.I am glad it interested you.. 🙂


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