Haze of your love

When the voice of your haze befalls,
The grey of my heart calls me.When I wish you were there,
and hide when you show up.

When I long for your voice,
and shut my ears when you call.

When your tantalizing memory appeals,
and your presence begin to suffocate.

When you whisper those sweet songs,
and I know that you can’t be mine.

When I wish that I just owned you,
and then I wish that I could set you free.

Nor I know what makes me choose you,
neither, what’ll make you go away.

But I know not how to hate you,
and I know not what my heart says.

Now I just wish it was clearer,
and now I just pray it fades away.

This poem was result of Poets United’s writer, Ella’s wednesday prompt – on Shades of Grey in our lives. I chose my Grey of Love & Hate that often hounds me.. I guess it needs editing, but was worth a shot.. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Haze of your love

  1. Mary

    I understand exactly what you mean here. Sometimes a person really has mixed feelings, and it's not easy to either do or know exactly what one wants! I do like the way you wrote it.

  2. Ella

    I like how you did this. I liked the ins and outs of your view~I thought it was effective! I so love the ending how you wish it was clearer…love is confusing! Well Done


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