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The Bridge

I extent my hand to turn on the ignition,
and wonder what lies ahead.
My heart races like an engine on nitrogen,
and my mind accelerates on adrenaline.
Crossing every bridge of virtue,
I wonder if I will achieve happiness.The view at the end isn’t clear.
The fog hazes the path too.
Putting my faith on those giant suspensions,
I keep driving down the road.
The end presents itself to the clarity of my mind.
It just feels right, Right where I ought to reach.

This poem represents my faith on every virtue that I take up with a belief that it is that bridge that will lead to my ultimate goal.. Happiness.. and SO it becomes.. 🙂

Promted by Ella: Poets United

With Love Shivani Ahuja



With the dawn, the sunshine spreads its wings,
the humble sunflowers reach the sky to touch it,
the trees spread their arms to breathe in the love,
the birds leave their abodes to make a living,
the forest resumes its chorus and scenes.The rhinos bask under the heavens of warmth,
the cubs measure the paths made visible again,
the cuckoos send their prayers to the unknown,
and I bow down to the mighty with devout admiration,
with my heart breathing pure gratitude.Through this poem I express my gratidue (my humblest gift) to all the beings and things who selflessly bestow their love and kindness upon us. Like the sun, the earth, and above all, our parents.

In response to Ella’s Promt: Poets United

With Love

Haze of your love

When the voice of your haze befalls,
The grey of my heart calls me.When I wish you were there,
and hide when you show up.

When I long for your voice,
and shut my ears when you call.

When your tantalizing memory appeals,
and your presence begin to suffocate.

When you whisper those sweet songs,
and I know that you can’t be mine.

When I wish that I just owned you,
and then I wish that I could set you free.

Nor I know what makes me choose you,
neither, what’ll make you go away.

But I know not how to hate you,
and I know not what my heart says.

Now I just wish it was clearer,
and now I just pray it fades away.

This poem was result of Poets United’s writer, Ella’s wednesday prompt – on Shades of Grey in our lives. I chose my Grey of Love & Hate that often hounds me.. I guess it needs editing, but was worth a shot.. 🙂