Monthly Archives: June 2012

The Shadow of Victory

How sweet it smells, like the smell of wet earth after a rain…

How lonely it is, like an empty nest after a daughter has been wedded
How abandoned it seems, like a street after an exuberant carnival
How silent it is, like the sweetest melody just ended
what a reverie it takes you on, like you just bid adieu to your best friend forever
How jealous it makes you of the ones still living the dream
How proud it makes you of the efforts you put back then
How palpable it is like the victory itself once was
and how cheerful it is in my head like a thousand applauses at the end of a play
Ah! This shadow of victory is sometimes gratifying
and this shadow of victory is sometimes seductive
Yes this shadow of victory is overpowering
but why does it still seem walking alone and away in the dark…
With Love
Shivani Ahuja