3 MR Classes at NIFT

Hey people.. ok I am writing a blog after a long time, and this time it is about my class..
I am a Fashion Management student at NIFT, Delhi and today we attended 3 Marketing Research classes at a stretch.. that means 4 and half hours of one subject, one teacher, and one chair.. pheww….
I am glad that me, my classmates and our professor survived that session…This all inspired me to write this crazy poem.. (This is one of my many passions.. writing stupidest poems ever…) I wrote this one while I was in the class, and when my brain was almost numb of attending 4 hours of classes..

We just had 3 back to back MR classes
and I have even tied my shoe laces

We have read innumerable cases
Now we all have very sleepy faces
I can see Jannat playing with her braces

We all are doing and saying stupid things
oh i just remembered Chandler Bing
Sir said that they should take a photo of our class
but all we need right now is a coffee glass
We just had 3 back to back MR classes
and I have even tied my shoe laces

hehe… ok guys thanks for putting up with my craziness all the time.. but i must say that college days are some of the best days one could have in a life time, and I am glad to have a class that is equally crazy as I am.. this one’s for all my wonderful friends and classmates..

With Love


4 thoughts on “3 MR Classes at NIFT

  1. shivani ahuja

    lol.. @jannat… baby it is just that you gave me the right words at the right moment… its nothing bad yaar… n plus this shows how much i love you that i mentioned you in my poem.. 😉


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