She who listened

She was made to listen is what they say
And she had to listen is what they say.
She listened and listened all her life,
As a daughter, as a mother and as a wife.

She listened when it was her turn to play,
And listened even when it was her turn to say.
She listened to her father and even her brothers,
And listened, on how to listen to others.

She listened until she lost her voice,
Then, was sent to a world where she had to poise.
There she listened to people, she dint even know
But still she bowed, and worked on her toe.

She wailed but there was none to hear,
As she was the one, made to listen and bear.
She listened until her daughter was born,
As now the little one was to be put to the thorn.

Life had taken a full circle from where it began,
And now she had to witness her life, all over again.
But this time it was her daughter on the stage,
Who had to recite what others wrote on her page.

She couldn’t have let it happen to her blood,
So she dint listen when it was to save the bud.
They tried to trample her and tear her apart,
But she withstood it all just to save her heart.

She might not have won the race she was on,
But she dint listen to what they said or had sworn.
This was a step which changed not only her life,
But gave voice to a daughter, a mother and a wife.

So she no more listens is what they say,
And she never should have listened is what they say.

This one of the Shivani Ahuja’s poems on the issues close to her heart.


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