The Great Indian Wedding- the rest of the story!

Hey people!!

How have u guys been?… sorry for writing this blog so late.. but just imagine me being stuck in the middle of a great Indian wedding and the great Indian end-term exams…;).. I am gonna take you through four functions together,, Sagan, Mehndi, Chuda & Haldi and the Wedding…

Starting with the Sagan..

This day I had my professional practices presentation in college, after which i rushed back home and tried to make an unsuccessful attempt to study for next day’s exam, and then finally decided to pick my sister to go to the parlour (yes i finally know how to drive on Delhi roads)…. I spent unending hours at the parlour, where i realised that i have the least patience for such beautification. With all the parlours in Delhi overbooked and with all the Delhi roads bustling with the shaddi season in the city, I was an hour late to reach home,from where we started for the venue… Sagan/cocktail was a blast.. All the rush and frolic seemed to pay off when i saw a glimpse of Aanchal sitting in jiju’s car.. She certainly looked the most beautiful and the hottest bride ever… With all the ceremonies staring off, we cousins had a quick photo session with Aanchal in the bridal room, where we laughed our hearts out, discussing the  hot aunties and relatives at the party… Then came the moment!.. we all took her inside the hall, with every eye set on the bride and every heart filled with warmth.. We all guided her to the stage, where Ankit Jiju took her hand and the party began.. We cousins sneaked out for few drinks, and i almost had a mini heart attack when my dad came, and i pretended to be drinking pepsi,,,and then not waiting for long, me and my cousin gulped it down at once.. Being all set for the evening, we danced all night and not to miss the delicious food that you get at shaadis… the only hitch for the evening besides getting late from the parlour was my nephew Uday.. who fear or i should say dread brides, as they cry at the wedding.. (haunted memories from his mom crying in her wedding video)…lol.. but with all the efforts, my sister managed to get him back in the party mood.. (after all, moms know how to handle their kids)… There we were, drained of energy, but still full of spirit when we left for home to get in shape for the next days functions…

Mehndi , Chuda and Haldi

Well it was Tuesday and I had my  Economics exam in the morning and after going back home i lazed around for the day.. (that means not studying for the exam).. i finally went to market to get my jewellery for the wedding.. It was too last minute, but you can get anything at any time in Lajpat Nagar… after fixing one problem, the other aroused as when i went to pick the lehnga that i was suppose to wear for the Mehndi.. It did not fit me right.. I guess this is why they say that do not wait for the last minute… i finally landed up at cousin’s place.. everybody set in the sangeet and dance mood, we danced till our feet gave up and then the sangeet continued the entire night…

Next day was the wedding day, when i was off to college for my Organisational behaviour exam, the ceremonies of Chuda, Haldi and Ghadoli took place… Aanchal looked the most beautiful person on earth, and though i was not there, but i could tell from the picture, how heart filling it was for everybody to see her getting ready to take off to a new home and a new life….

The Wedding…

Finally i reached back home and then i rushed to the parlour with mom.. at the last minute again, I realised that i had missed something important, and i dropped my mom at the parlour and then ran in the market bare foot (could not walk in my stilettos of course),,, After getting 2 hours late from the parlour and with all the mini heart attacks and traffic jams we reached the wedding venue….

It was the finale evening and everybody looked their best (everybody giving tough competition to the rest)… but it was Aanchal who stole the show… (the bride of course)… with the eleventh hour jitters, extremely cold weather of Delhi and a long wait for the baraat, the Dulha or the groom finally arrived with all the frolic and bands playing full beat music…

The stage was set, and now with groom’s turn to wait for the bride, we cousins left no chance to tease our jiju.. (that is what saalis are for)..Dancing on the beat of Dhol and then grooving at the music played by the dj we all went Ga Ga again…

Finally the time arrived, all the brothers holding a beautiful flower sheet over the bride and the sisters walking beside her, she entered the bedazzled garden. Everybody held their breath and admired the beauty of the bride and the moment…. With the bride’s eyes looking for the groom and the groom’s for the bride, they both climbed up the stair for Varmala, to finally begin the journey of their new life… With a beautiful Varmala ceremony under the rain of flower petals and blessings from relatives, the bride and the groom walked on to the stage to receive everybody’s well wishes.. That is when we cousins took the chance of stealing Jiju’s shoes (a wonderful ceremony in Indian wedding, where u get paid for stealing)…  After freezing in cold, entertaining the guests at the party and enjoying the delicious food, we finally prepared for the feras…The bride and the groom finally took vows around the holy fire and were knotted in marriage for life… (or as they say, seven lives.. ;).. )… Amusingly i was studying for my exam the next day during the vows and at 6 in the morning the ceremonies ended and the bride and groom became a couple… Everybody from our family had a full heart when they hugged Aanchal before her doli took off… and  we finally bid farewell to the couple under the shade of stars….

Best wishes to Aanchal and Ankit..

Thanks for tuning in…
With Love…


7 thoughts on “The Great Indian Wedding- the rest of the story!

  1. August

    wowwwww shivu ..this is toooo good ..i just love this i cnt explain how much i enjoyed reading this blog muah..iam in love wid u guys seriously .. u all r luking amaaaaazing starting frm udii to uncle/aunty .. i knw u guys had a blaaaaast ..i cn see our lang (phaad diya na ) !!! n yaa anchu is lukin stuningly beautiful ..may god bless her !!! luv ..Gannu


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