The Great Indian Wedding- Cousins going Ga Ga!

Hello Friends!

Welcome back.. Yesterday was the craziest evening ever.. I landed up at Aanchal, the bride’s house for some crazy dance frenzy to find out that the rest of my cousin’s havent reached there. Well this is what happens when you make a last minute plan in this city. Roads in Delhi do not go without a jam even a single day during this season… But with all due credit to my brother and his super driving skills, they reached in another half an hour..

When we were all set for the party, we realised that the music system we had was not in a good state.. ;)…, and the cousin whom we had asked to arrange for another one had to go a party (thanks to so many weddings happening these days). So we all shifted one gear ahead to our craziest moods and went on partying at the lamest volume of songs playing on my cousin’s vintage laptop.. This is called having a positive approach to life… lol… Well at the end of the day, with all the energies drained out after dancing on all crazy punjabi beats and item numbers that are the staple of punjabi weddings, we ended up playing Dumb sheraz that is certainly the best game on planet. We all were in splits over the dumbest acting skills displayed by us all… but we were still better than Tushar kapoor (i have no idea why I said that)..

After all the fun and amazing time spent with my cousins I realized that I have to get back to study for my exams starting tommorow.. welcome to the world of reality!! so we called the day off with an amazing cup of coffee (courtsey Aanchal Ahuja)…. Here ends the second episode of The great Indian Wedding.. stay tuned for more…

With Love
Shivani Ahuja


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