The Great Indian Wedding- Begins!

Hello friends!!

Well I am really excited to write this blog.. Here starts the journey of a great Indian Wedding and to be apt a Punjabi wedding. I know it sounds fun, as a wedding in Delhi means fun and frolic, celebrations, feasts, crazy shopping, visit to beauty parlours, last minutes trials and innumerable unexpected jitters… It is all this excitement and rush that makes it such a memorable time.

Well to cut short the mystery, I am talking about my cousin, Aanchal’s wedding that is due in 9 days, and I am the busiest person in the wedding, of course after the bride. I not just have to prepare for the wedding but also for my exams that are starting just 2 days before the wedding, and have to be one of the hosts for my seniors’ farewell party in two days.

For the wedding, it all starts with getting the right dresses, jewellery, shoes and booking the right parlours for make up. Yes it all has to be done in advance, as in December, which is the peak wedding season in Delhi, none of the local tailors are free and all boutiques and parlours charge a whopping price. I am lucky in this case, as i have my aunt’s boutique and a family friend’s parlour to make the last minute bookings, and that too at discount!!

After so many days of hard work and exploration, I got a saree (chandni chowk), a suit (Amar Colony) and a Kurta and a churidar (Lajpat Nagar) for different functions and i decided to redesign one of my old Lehngas. You’ll definitely see these dresses in my following blogs, as i will update you on all the events of the wedding! In the evening itself i finally gave my blouses and suits for stitching, that is certainly a short notice, but you always get advantage of having the sweetest aunt who falls for your puppy face,, :).. After giving all the measurement and boggling our minds over the designs I am all set with my clothes minus jewellery that I still have to purchase.. Its not just me who is feeling the jitters and is all excited. Here is a facebook update from the bride herself, “Few dayz to go…! Dreamzz to trn into reality..!!”… :).. It all actually seems like a dream when i recall how we all cousins grew up from those little kids playing silly games and to this day when one of us is getting married.

The final ten days seem like a mad rush of events, but I am sure that all that will be worth it, as it is all about enjoying the sense of each moment and cherishing all these moments, and I can’t wait to take you all through this beautiful and exciting journey. So hold on guys…



5 thoughts on “The Great Indian Wedding- Begins!

  1. Meg.Meh.P. (

    Keep 'em coming sweets.. I love your posts. My BFF's name is also shivani ahuja 😛 and maybe I am in love with your blog because of that reason.. lol, I stay in Delhi and I could very much relate to your writings. Hope to read more soon!XXLet me know how can i become a follower of your


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