Great India Place!!- Nyoda

Fun, food, shopping plus lovely weather… This trip to Great India Place (GIP),a mall near Delhi had all the masalas that makes a day perfect… To begin with, i finally got a chance to drive alone, and trust me driving on the roads of Delhi is not an easy task for a beginner.. though it was fun!!… vrooming past the amazing DND bridge to Noida is an exotic experience, when you can savour the beautiful view of the unending horizon..

Upon reaching Noida, GIP is just 2 minutes drive. This gigantic mall has myriad stores from fashion, home furnishings, electronics and much more. We started from a store named Home Town that comprised everything from a bed room’s furnishing to a kitchen’s fittings.. that place was a heaven for every Indian housewife who dreams of making that perfect home.. But always check the records of the store you buy from, as i recently read not so flattering review about one such store… However, given a chance and money i would have bought half of the store myself..!!!.. Then we checked out many other stores like Lifestyle, Blackberry’s, Globus (that had the best clothes of the season), and an unending list of shoe stores as my friend has an unbelievable fetish for shoes…

After draining all our energies we headed to the food court on level three of the mall. This a food paradise for all the food lovers. You get an amazing choice from Kathi rolls, noodles, pastas, pizzas, traditional thalis, kebabs and Punjabi food. You just think of eating something and you’ll get it here. After facing the dilemma of choosing out of an astounding list, we agreed upon ordering Paneer garlic sizzlers.. Its smoke almost killed me, when we attempted to carry it till we found a place to sit.. but all that as worth it as the dish was delectable.. All the flavours of rice, garlic, paneer, spinach and onion made my palate go crazy.. Though my friend specially liked the overburnt end layers of cauliflower.. it may sound strange, but as they say ‘It’s all about perceptions’, i say ‘it’s all about your palate’… This is not it, as then we had the best donuts from ‘Mad over donuts’.. here, you can get 2 donuts and a cappuccino for just Rs.110, and you also get to see the staff making fresh donuts right in front of you.. now that’s what i call a priceless and mouthwatering experience!!

As we then had all the energies in place, actually more than required, and we were joined by few more friends, we again embarked upon the crazy window shopping that my lovely friends have an enormous appetite for!!.. This was the story of my day!… after which started the evening.. :).. and it took us an hour to reach home.. thanks to the rain and our poor sense and knowledge of roads in Noida.. but this gave us a chance to witness a beautiful sunset on the way back home that made all the tiredness worth it…

Thanks for joining in..
Happy Eid
Shivani Ahuja


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