Crazy Sundays in Lajpat Nagar Market, New Delhi

Well if you have a shopping plan on Sunday and you like your shopping experience to be a convenient one, then think twice before heading towards Central Market, Lajpat Nagar. Well I went there with my mom, sister, brother-in law and nephew (handling a notorious kid is a cherry on top of the hassle caused by an overcrowded market). We had planned to shop for our cousin’s wedding due in December, but it turned out to be a challenge to shop there on Sunday.

Though this crowd is a headache for some, but people like me are so in love with the city that they are not bothered at all. Instead it was amusing to see aunties tripping over one other to get the best pair of stilettos and purchasing yet another tunic for their wardrobe, no matter how overflowing their closets already are.

Most outstanding was the Momos (Dimsum) stall where people were going crazier by the crowd than their hunger. The best thing I like about this market is that every shopkeeper talks to you as if you have been their lifelong customers.. well in our case it was somewhat true, as we have shopped from this market as long as I can remember, and I bet that my mom, me or my sister have bought something or the other from every shop possible..:)…

Here you get everything from Sarees, Suits, Shoes, Men’s and women’s western & traditional wear and delicious street food … This market in South Delhi, India is one of the favourites among the residents of the city, which makes it the most frequented ones, especially on weekends… so if you are in Delhi and you want to feel the zest of this city in its true sense then take a trip here.. but BEWARE of a Sunday!


4 thoughts on “Crazy Sundays in Lajpat Nagar Market, New Delhi

  1. sunshine

    hey… i also went there this sunday and u r right..the crowd drives u mad 🙂 I liked the aunties part ;)and one more thing i noticed was the never ending crowd in front of golgappa stalls :)but i must say that its the crowd that brings life to those streets in delhi 🙂


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