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The Great Indian Wedding- Begins!

Hello friends!!

Well I am really excited to write this blog.. Here starts the journey of a great Indian Wedding and to be apt a Punjabi wedding. I know it sounds fun, as a wedding in Delhi means fun and frolic, celebrations, feasts, crazy shopping, visit to beauty parlours, last minutes trials and innumerable unexpected jitters… It is all this excitement and rush that makes it such a memorable time.

Well to cut short the mystery, I am talking about my cousin, Aanchal’s wedding that is due in 9 days, and I am the busiest person in the wedding, of course after the bride. I not just have to prepare for the wedding but also for my exams that are starting just 2 days before the wedding, and have to be one of the hosts for my seniors’ farewell party in two days.

For the wedding, it all starts with getting the right dresses, jewellery, shoes and booking the right parlours for make up. Yes it all has to be done in advance, as in December, which is the peak wedding season in Delhi, none of the local tailors are free and all boutiques and parlours charge a whopping price. I am lucky in this case, as i have my aunt’s boutique and a family friend’s parlour to make the last minute bookings, and that too at discount!!

After so many days of hard work and exploration, I got a saree (chandni chowk), a suit (Amar Colony) and a Kurta and a churidar (Lajpat Nagar) for different functions and i decided to redesign one of my old Lehngas. You’ll definitely see these dresses in my following blogs, as i will update you on all the events of the wedding! In the evening itself i finally gave my blouses and suits for stitching, that is certainly a short notice, but you always get advantage of having the sweetest aunt who falls for your puppy face,, :).. After giving all the measurement and boggling our minds over the designs I am all set with my clothes minus jewellery that I still have to purchase.. Its not just me who is feeling the jitters and is all excited. Here is a facebook update from the bride herself, “Few dayz to go…! Dreamzz to trn into reality..!!”… :).. It all actually seems like a dream when i recall how we all cousins grew up from those little kids playing silly games and to this day when one of us is getting married.

The final ten days seem like a mad rush of events, but I am sure that all that will be worth it, as it is all about enjoying the sense of each moment and cherishing all these moments, and I can’t wait to take you all through this beautiful and exciting journey. So hold on guys…



Great India Place!!- Nyoda

Fun, food, shopping plus lovely weather… This trip to Great India Place (GIP),a mall near Delhi had all the masalas that makes a day perfect… To begin with, i finally got a chance to drive alone, and trust me driving on the roads of Delhi is not an easy task for a beginner.. though it was fun!!… vrooming past the amazing DND bridge to Noida is an exotic experience, when you can savour the beautiful view of the unending horizon..

Upon reaching Noida, GIP is just 2 minutes drive. This gigantic mall has myriad stores from fashion, home furnishings, electronics and much more. We started from a store named Home Town that comprised everything from a bed room’s furnishing to a kitchen’s fittings.. that place was a heaven for every Indian housewife who dreams of making that perfect home.. But always check the records of the store you buy from, as i recently read not so flattering review about one such store… However, given a chance and money i would have bought half of the store myself..!!!.. Then we checked out many other stores like Lifestyle, Blackberry’s, Globus (that had the best clothes of the season), and an unending list of shoe stores as my friend has an unbelievable fetish for shoes…

After draining all our energies we headed to the food court on level three of the mall. This a food paradise for all the food lovers. You get an amazing choice from Kathi rolls, noodles, pastas, pizzas, traditional thalis, kebabs and Punjabi food. You just think of eating something and you’ll get it here. After facing the dilemma of choosing out of an astounding list, we agreed upon ordering Paneer garlic sizzlers.. Its smoke almost killed me, when we attempted to carry it till we found a place to sit.. but all that as worth it as the dish was delectable.. All the flavours of rice, garlic, paneer, spinach and onion made my palate go crazy.. Though my friend specially liked the overburnt end layers of cauliflower.. it may sound strange, but as they say ‘It’s all about perceptions’, i say ‘it’s all about your palate’… This is not it, as then we had the best donuts from ‘Mad over donuts’.. here, you can get 2 donuts and a cappuccino for just Rs.110, and you also get to see the staff making fresh donuts right in front of you.. now that’s what i call a priceless and mouthwatering experience!!

As we then had all the energies in place, actually more than required, and we were joined by few more friends, we again embarked upon the crazy window shopping that my lovely friends have an enormous appetite for!!.. This was the story of my day!… after which started the evening.. :).. and it took us an hour to reach home.. thanks to the rain and our poor sense and knowledge of roads in Noida.. but this gave us a chance to witness a beautiful sunset on the way back home that made all the tiredness worth it…

Thanks for joining in..
Happy Eid
Shivani Ahuja

Faith – the only hope of survival!

One thing that we can do for us and others is to have faith
A thing that sails us through the most difficult situations of our life,
Something that solely can lead to victory of all and would suffice
One thing that creates positives
and the only thing that can eliminate negatives

Faith is what keeps us on the surface,
And can save us from getting lost in the haze.
It is that essence that keeps us nourished
And it is something that held us when we flourished.

There is one flow of energy running through us all
and we have to be in unison or else it’ll fall.
Our shrewdness might rob us off the humanity left inside
So we have to have faith in others and be open to take an even stride.

Faith might not get you the world
In fact, it might even be put you out into the cold
But it is the only thing that helps you get the share you deserve in your existence.
In fact it is the only thing that will get you anything at all if it is persistent.

With Love!

Crazy Sundays in Lajpat Nagar Market, New Delhi

Well if you have a shopping plan on Sunday and you like your shopping experience to be a convenient one, then think twice before heading towards Central Market, Lajpat Nagar. Well I went there with my mom, sister, brother-in law and nephew (handling a notorious kid is a cherry on top of the hassle caused by an overcrowded market). We had planned to shop for our cousin’s wedding due in December, but it turned out to be a challenge to shop there on Sunday.

Though this crowd is a headache for some, but people like me are so in love with the city that they are not bothered at all. Instead it was amusing to see aunties tripping over one other to get the best pair of stilettos and purchasing yet another tunic for their wardrobe, no matter how overflowing their closets already are.

Most outstanding was the Momos (Dimsum) stall where people were going crazier by the crowd than their hunger. The best thing I like about this market is that every shopkeeper talks to you as if you have been their lifelong customers.. well in our case it was somewhat true, as we have shopped from this market as long as I can remember, and I bet that my mom, me or my sister have bought something or the other from every shop possible..:)…

Here you get everything from Sarees, Suits, Shoes, Men’s and women’s western & traditional wear and delicious street food … This market in South Delhi, India is one of the favourites among the residents of the city, which makes it the most frequented ones, especially on weekends… so if you are in Delhi and you want to feel the zest of this city in its true sense then take a trip here.. but BEWARE of a Sunday!

Finnaly Arrived !!

Hello people!!

Well i thought of starting this blog long back.. Actually i did too, but now finally i started writing for it..’India’ and especially Delhi has been really close to my heart always.. As they say ‘home is where the heart is’.. So here i am, taking you to the most wonderful journey across some of the most interesting stories and places that make India what it is. This journey will take you from the extravagant malls and fashion streets to the crowded flea markets,from the posh restaurants to the road side dhabas, from the colourful culture of India to the abandoned streets, from a 3’am coffee to a beautiful sunrise and crazy evenings. I will share with you all the exciting and touching experiences that inspire me to write and that make me fall in love with this country all over again…

Welcome aboard!