Monthly Archives: August 2009

Breaking The Bounds

When you are stuck in an armor of life you didn’t choose for yourself
You get perplexed, anxious, goaded, and think that you might be on the shelf.

When you start loosing the control on the decisions of your life
You start doubting your ability to achieve, for what you have always strived.

You get anxious at the thought of what all you wanted to do and what you didn’t
And mourn on the missed opportunities and on the lost chances of some wonderful flints.

And one day you get that unexpected but much needed blow to make it right,
That’s when you wake, break the bounds and get ready for the much awaited fight.

You get hold of the rein, heave out the buried courage and loosen the bounds,
And set out on a way which you have always wished to hound.

Then, you are an employee of your conscience and not an acquisitive master,
And you work as you will and progress towards your purpose, even faster.

So finally, when you witness your soul and answer it in the mirror of life,
You are certain, contented and proud, and can look straight into its eyes.

With Love!