Monthly Archives: July 2009

The bible says:

“Blessed are the poor for theirs is the kingdom of god”



Its a curious day, and i am own my own.
I have to make a new start, and i don’t care what’s gone.

I am hurt, as i expected a lot of support.
I am hurt that i am not able to make that start.

But i know that this hurt is just a conceit,
and within few days, it would fleet.

I am not broken, and i’ll try again,
I don’t care if this time time there are clouds or rains.

On the rough terrain i would drive my car,
and even in the clouds i would find the shinning star.

This one of the poems on the issues close to my heart!

Thanks to the ONE who watches us all the time

Thanking god is the best thing we can do,
as he is someone, to whom we have nothing to prove to.

He sees everything, yet holds us when we fall,
saves us from stumbling, and listens when we call.

Its him, who helps us navigate through all the difficult routes,
but its us, who become disconsiderate, and do as it suits.

We remember him when we are sad,
or plead when something goes bad,
but one thing that most of us forget,
is to free ourselves from the biggest debt.

Which is to remember him when we are happy and prosperous,
and to be grateful for everything that he has done for us.

So lets praise ‘THE ONE’ who does it all,
as all he asks for, is a little rememberance, not only when we have had the greatest fall,
but also, when we feel tall.

This one of the poems on the issues close to my heart!

Life’s calling

When you hear you life’s calling,
that’s when your luck starts rolling.

When you do something, you do the best,
you just give your 100%, and forget the rest.

So take up something that your heart allows you to do,
because that’s when you don’t care what others say, and which and whom and who.

Don’t hesitate and turn your life’s cards without fear,
and put your life on top gear.

So be your life’s D.J. and play your favourite music,
just believe in yourself and go by your hunch, yes, that’s the trick.

With Love!